LaFawn Kirkland, BA, Behavior ConsultantLafawn (2)


LaFawn Kirkland has been a Behavior Consultant with Connections, Inc. since December 2009. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho in 1981. LaFawn has over 35 years of experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness; as well as, aging populations.  LaFawn has worked extensively as a direct service provider, vocational instructor, recreational therapist, supported employment coach, corrections, program director, waiver case manager supervisor, behavioral consultant, executive director, and advocate. He is also an entrepreneur, having founded several small to mid-range provider and consulting agencies in Indiana, Florida, and Georgia. LaFawn is also an approved provider of PRTF and 1915i wraparound services with the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addictions.


LaFawn is a very caring, creative, and focused individual who strives to assist persons with disabilities and their families have an improved quality of life.  LaFawn is proactive in handling tough issues and crisis situations with individuals and families. LaFawn, in his spare time, is an avid fan and supporter of mixed martial arts and spends a great deal of time working with up and coming fighters as well as working out at the gym daily.