Child and Family Services

Connections, Inc. has been committed to providing supportive services exclusively in home, school, and community based settings since we began our agency in 1999. We believe strongly that children grow and learn best in natural settings living with their parents or supportive loving adults. Thus, we strive to offer comprehensive care and treatment options to facilitate meaningful, healthful outcomes for those we serve.

Behavior management:  Our behavior management services provide professional support to children, teens, and adults with developmental delays and/ or emotional health issues who are experiencing difficulty fully participating in their homes, schools, and communities.  We attempt to identify any barriers to success and recommend short and long term solutions to improve the quality of life for persons served.  At Connections, we believe each person served has unique assets to contribute to their health, family, and community.  Our person-centered approach to behavior change strives to honor these strengths and customize supports to meet individual needs.  Connections believes that by maximizing assets, developing comprehensive support plans, creating meaningful communication tools & facilitating friendships we can help persons served to make more healthy & positive choices for themselves.  Our masters and PhD level Consultants are available to provide support and recommendations within family homes, school systems, and criminal courts as well.

Case Management/ Home Based Case Work:  Case management supports assist the referred family and their children with gaining access to services and supports to assure their overall health, safety and stability. We seek to assure families are aware of available community-based resources and promote the development of natural supports. We may link referred families to educational and public assistance programs as needed. Crisis intervention services may also be provided.

Comprehensive Home Based Services: Utilizing evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma focused CBT service models, we offer the provision of comprehensive and intensive home based services for families involved with DCS & Juvenile Probation to address short and long term behavioral health care needs. This service is for the entire family and includes assessment of the child, parent, and family cohesion resulting in an appropriate service/treatment plan that is based on the assessed need and congruent with the DCS case plan.

Educational Mentoring:    Our educational mentoring services provided individualized behavioral support services in academic settings to students who have developmental delays and/ or other emotional issues which may interfere with their ability to independently integrate in a traditional classroom setting. Our Mentors work collaboratively with classroom teachers to address the often intensive behavioral health needs of the identified student and together assure everyone’s health and safety.

Family Support & Training:   Our Family Support & Training Services provide direct professional support to caregivers of youth with intensive behavioral issues in order to improve the participant’s independence and inclusion in their community. This service includes assessment, development of a home treatment/support plan, training and technical assistance to carry out the plan, monitoring of the participant and other providers in the implementation of the plan, and participation in Child and Family Team meetings.

Habilitation:   Habilitation services for children and adolescents focus on enhancing the participant’s life skills and social functioning. This is accomplished through developing skills in identification of feelings; anger and emotional management; how to give and receive feedback, criticism and praise; problem-solving; decision making; controlling assertive behavior; learning to resist negative peer pressure and develop pro-social peer interactions; improve communication skills with peers and adults; optimize developmental potential; address substance use and abuse issues; build and promote positive coping skills; and encouraging positive community connections for the development of natural supports for the child and family.

Individual & Family Psychotherapy: Our master’s level therapists provide therapeutic support to children, teens, and families to assist them in meeting their wellness goals. Our therapists develop treatment plans which identify youth and families strengths and challenges. We strive to reconcile any difficult family and peer relationships; as well as, decrease the frequency and intensity of any antisocial, self-abusive, or disruptive behaviors. All treatment plans are reviewed routinely by our agency psychologists as well.

Parent Education/ Mentor: Family and Caregiver education classes are provided as a means of supporting and preserving the family and caregiver unit.  Connections believes that a child or teens behavioral disruptions requires a family solution and a supportive community to facilitate lasting change.  Simply, children do not have the ability to make these changes alone. We also believe parents and caregivers know what is best for their child and are committed to learning more about how to best meet their needs. Various education courses are provided onsite multiple times per week.  We further offer individualized support and coaching for parents as needed to support them in making educated, healthful decisions for their children.

Social/ Recreational/ Life Coach/ Independent Living Skills Mentor:    The community based mentoring services of Connections, Inc. facilitate opportunities for children and teens with developmental delays or emotional issues to participate in goal directed educational activities in the community with the support of a trained adult.  The youth and young adults served within our mentoring program are matched with one of our support professionals to participate in social, psycho-educational, & recreational activities.  Our primary goal is to promote, develop, & support the talents & interests of the individuals we serve while fostering feelings of success & personal achievement for them. Participants are provided direct supervision and/ or support to learn basic functional life skills and positive healthful decision making