Dear Colleagues,


Thank you for your consideration of Connections, Inc. to support the children, teens, and families you serve.  Our agency mission is to educate, support, and empower individuals served to improve and maintain their health, safety, and overall quality of life. We further strive to be an exceptionally skilled provider of behavioral health care and family support services across the State of Indiana.


At Connections, we believe quality human service provision is best achieved by the wisdom of our collective experiences and decisions. Thus, we commit to developing trusting relationships, open communication, creative solutions, and an atmosphere of positive interdependence with you and those we serve.  In the end, we believe it is our efforts to maintain the integrity of these connections which shall, as individuals and as a community, continue to make us each stronger.


We look forward with gratitude to working with you soon.


Jenifer Asher, Founder




For confidential referral, program, or partnership information,  please email or phone 317.423.1000.


Our corporate mailing address is 7333 East 21st Street; Indianapolis, IN. 46219.


We are an approved provider with the Indiana Department of Child Services, the Indiana Department of Education, and Choices Inc. among others. Most public and private insurances are accepted as well.