Evaluation Services

Connections Psychological Services Clinic offers an array of mental health and diagnostic assessment services to children, teens, adults and families in Central Indiana. Our team consists of psychologists with special training in support of young children, adolescents, and adults. Our goal is to offer expert evaluations and recommendations to assist judicial officers, probation officers, the Social Security Administration, and child and family teams plan for future treatment or interventions.

Child Hearsay Evaluations: Child Hearsay Evaluations are completed by licensed psychologists to determine if participation in a court proceeding would create a substantial likelihood of emotional or mental harm to the referred child. This evaluation is intended for youth under the age of 14, or a child at least 14 and younger than 18 that has a substantial disability attributable to impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior.

Clinical Interviews & Assessments: Clinical Interviews & Assessments are useful to help identify any mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders that may be present in an individual. The evaluations are face to face and typically last between one to three hours. In the session, the examiner explores different areas of functioning including intellectual, memory, reasoning, and personality. The examiner will provide a written report to be useful as a reference source.

Psycho-educational evaluation:   Psycho educational evaluations are designed to determine any issues that are involved in academic functioning. The tests conducted will address but are not limited to any learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and the overall learning potential based on intellectual function.  The evaluation process typically includes a test battery including, individual IQ tests, education achievement tests, personality tests, and other screening instruments that determine the presence of any serious memory deficits, behavior control problems or other issues.  Written test reports will be provided and the psychologist can share this information with school staff in conferences upon request.

Psychological Evaluations:  Psychological evaluations answer specific questions about intellectual, academic, behavior, or mental health functions.  Psychological evaluations are designed to respond to specific discovery questions about psychological functioning, but may also involve issues involved in forensic evaluation or psycho-educational evaluations.  Psychological evaluations will include at least formal testing, a mental status examination, psycho-social history, and a diagnostic impression.