India Anderson
“India is everything you could want in a provider in the child welfare system. India is experienced and uses her experience to help her clients gain coping skills and independence. India very rarely contacts FCM for issues because she knows how to solve issues on her own and with her clients. This is so greatly appreciated. India is easy to work with, submits very timely and through documentation and forms meaningful connections with clients. I look forward to working with India again.”   Kindal J., DCS Family Case Manager

Rose Bray
“Rose did an amazing job working with _____. He was challenging due to his lack of insight and understanding. She was consistent with him and tried to help offer education and support. I very much appreciated her communication and overall insight she brought to the team.”    Amy P., Probation Officer

Breinne Compton
“I have had several cases with Breinne. She is excellent at communicating, thinking of creative and appropriate solutions, and keeping a team cohesive and progressive. I am always happy to utilize her services.”  Autumn J., DCS Family Case Manager

Molly Irelan
“Molly is a great asset to Connections.  I utilize her services on several of my cases and appreciate her dedication, consistency, and communication.”  Brandy W., DCS Family Case Manager

LaFawn Kirkland
“LaFawn is the bomb. I have consistently sought him out for services for juveniles and their parents for the past 2 years. He is firm and holds kids and their parents accountable but is also great at motivating clients and trying to help them become better people. He is a great communicator and families are never surprised by what he has to say in meetings, and I always feel like I am up to date with what’s going on with a family.”  Ashley S., Probation Officer

“Mr. Kirkland does a great job working with our kids.”  Mariah M., Probation Officer

Nichole Lincoln

“Nichole Lincoln is honest, direct, no nonsense, but patient with all of her referred parents.” Melissa V., DCS Family Case Manager

Eric Steele
“Mr. Steele is always dedicated to each client Probation refers to him. Mr. Steele has great communication and is open to the many changes that can be brought upon each case.  He never complains and takes on each task given as a challenge.  I have never had a client who could not relate to Mr. E, as they call him. He is knowledgeable of many life experiences the youth can relate to.”  NeCosia C., Probation Officer

“Always a joy to work with Eric. Reliable and passionate about helping the kiddos succeed long term.” Kierra J., Probation Officer

Andre Terrett
“By far, Andre has been the most thorough, precise, and qualified for this team and this child.  Andre is a huge asset to this team, a huge asset to the client that he supervises and transports, her Resource Family, and her biological siblings as well as the team.”  Kala N., GAL

Emily Wareham
“Emily was amazing and really went above and beyond with the work she did for this client. I cannot say enough good things about her. Her communication and documentation on this case was excellent.”  Erin W., DCS Family Case Manager

Joel Wilson
“Joel Wilson was very consistent in meeting with____. He also communicated well with Probation. I look forward to working with him again.”  Karen F, Probation Officer

“Joel was great with the challenges ____’s  case presented. Particularly with some difficulty from mother.  James C., Probation Officer

“Joel’s consistent availability and open approach with ____ helped play a pivotal role in our successful outcome.”  Nick C. Probation Officer

“Joel Wilson was very communicative with the client and myself and I would certainly use him again. He focused on the child’s individual goals and ensured that their sessions were held as scheduled.” Anonymous

Connections Team Overall

“When services are provided by Connections, the experience is great! Thank you!” Carmen S., Care Coordinator

“I love you guys. The level of flexibility along with the professionalism is appreciated.” Melissa V., DCS Family Case Manager

“Connections’ training was truly the most intense, thorough, interesting training I have ever experienced. I looked forward to and absolutely loved each and every session! Thank you very sincerely for your passion and info.” Richelle D., MSD of Warren Township Teacher

“Connections, Inc creates the best, most comprehensive psychological evaluations that I have ever read. Thank you to your team.”  Kelli J., Care Coordinator

“Your staff are doing an amazing job with the Project Life kids. I have nothing but praise about your efforts.”  Judge Chavers, Marion County Superior Court

“There needs to be a Connections on every street so we always have a safe place to go”  Alexus D., Youth Participant

“Miss Jenifer loves us kids. That’s why I love Connections” Brianna G., Youth Participant